We guarantee perfection by investing in innovation

We have been doing this since 1976, and over time we have become a benchmark in the design and manufacture of tools for machining wood, plastics, and light alloys.

From 1980 on, our expertise has expanded from the initial production of HW drills, cutters, and blades to that of polycrystalline diamond tools. We have specialized up to becoming one of the industry protagonists with the largest catalogue and with an uncommon ability to offer customised solutions.

We were the first in Italy and Europe to experiment with the application of PCD diamond to tools for machining wood, its derivatives and similar materials, we perfected it over time through intensive research and development and we rely on the best suppliers, including General Electric and De Beers.

We offer the best solutions in terms of quality, efficiency and profitability for many types of machining and on many materials, and we supply tools for highly demanding sectors, including aerospace, automotive, eyewear, wooden beams and structures, and wood-furnishing.

Thanks to the solid reputation we have built up over time, we have achieved a wider range of action in the markets. The ever-increasing technological level of our products combined with highly advanced process know-how has enabled us to stand by our customers in a way that makes all the difference providing advice, assistance, and training on the use of our products.

We strive to ensure that our tools perform at their best on every type of machine. We regularly maintain them and restore and sharpen those with polycrystalline diamond coating.

Our mission
is to produce high-precision tools
by combining the quality “made in Italy”
with cutting-edge innovation.

Behind our industrial approach, besides innovation, there are ethics and passion. For us, the former means maximum transparency in our relationship with those who choose us, which implies clarity and keeping promises; the latter means dedication to our work, commitment combined with enthusiasm, the ability to team up to achieve goals which always become new starting points.

At the heart of everything we do there are our customers, the pursuit of their satisfaction, and the desire to repay their trust in the best way possible.

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